Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Surprises in the mail today.  Well, I knew the bobbins were en route but I had forgotten.  Memory is good, just very short.  Which kind of explains the magazine.  There is such a long lead time that by the time the magazine actually comes out I have forgotten I wrote the article.  

So, receiving both of these things in the mail today was a pleasant surprise.  

Thr bobbins are for bobbin lace and my friends who make them. Will soon be retiring.  Not that I don't have oodles of bobbins!   But it was fun to see what she would come up with for themes.  

The article is in the Ontario guild publication, Fibre Focus.  


Indigo Moon BC said...

Is this article available online for those of us that don't get the Fibre Focus magazine? I'd love to read it!

Laura Fry said...

I don't know if they post their magazine on line.