Friday, October 31, 2014

Studio Fair - Day One

Another weekend, another fair.  Over all look at my booth.  I have way too much inventory - hope people will fall in love with some of it and give it new homes.  


Brenda said...

You call it 'too much inventory' - I call it 'a lot of f-ing hard work'!!!

Hope your sale goes well.

Laura Fry said...

Indeed. Mostly I'm doing the tortoise thing...slow and steady. :)

Lynn said...

You have a great eye for the design and traffic patterns inside and outside of your very nice corner booth. Very inviting...holding you'll have excellent sales!

emi said...

Beautiful stash of woven products! I wish I could weave like that. I am moving to PG at the end of this month and hoping to join the guild. Hope to meet you soon.

Laura Fry said...

Hi emi, look forward to meeting you, too.

Guild meetings are 2nd Tuesday of the month but drop ins are Tuesday evening and Saturday mornings.