Thursday, August 11, 2022



One of the things on my 'to-be-done' list was a re-design of my website (currently under construction).  It took forever before I could even begin to think about it, but after my 'retirement' (for certain values of) it was becoming clear that I really needed to update my site.

I had considered just dumping the site altogether, but I had some info on it I kind of wanted to keep available, plus my email address with the re-direct via my website was too convenient.  

At time you just have to let life get on with things and this summer I finally had someone able to help me with the website.

As part of that re-design, my new webmeister has moved some of that information to this blog.  Hopefully the 'pages' function will keep those items handy for reference.

Right now there is a link in the upper right hand corner of this blog that has several titles.  These are links to some pages that used to be on my website but will now live here.  I MAY add to them from time to time, once I've finished migrating the files from my website.***

My new website will be stripped down, but will include my list of lectures/guild programs and hopefully the contact form still works.  Webmeister is still working on the website and right now sending email to my website address still works (laura at laurafry dot com)

I have a couple of guild programs/lectures booked, one for later this year, one for early next, and am happy to talk to guilds about their needs.  Guild programs are typically about one hour, lectures run around two hours.  The lectures are information dense (think firehose) and I'm happy to answer questions.

And of course I have two classes available at School of Sweet Georgia, with two more in the works.  But what I'm no longer doing is the workshop circuit.  With the continuing pandemic(s) I may never attend another conference.

Because I'm immune compromised, I am vulnerable to catching any disease that may be around and I have way too much stash to get sick and be left with post illness conditions - or just plain die.  So I am going to continue to wear a mask when ever I'm out and not attend in person events unless people are going to wear masks to reduce the viral load in the air.

***edited to reflect new information and progress being made today, Aug. 12, 2022

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