Monday, August 15, 2022

Little by Little


Little by little I am being nudged into the 21st century. 

I now have a QR code for my classes at the School of Sweet Georgia.  Now to figure out how to put it onto my website and my blogspot home page.

I'm still struggling to learn how to use my 'smart' phone, in part because I just don't use it much.  Since getting a cell phone lo these many years ago, I have only ever turned it on when I leave the house.  During this time of covid, I rarely leave the house!  And of course I have large hands, big fingers, so trying to do much of anything on a phone leaves me frustrated.

However, the QR code isn't for my benefit, but...well, anyone who wants to use it.  So I will try to figure this out.


In the meantime I have other stuff to do.  One more towel finishes off the current warp, so that is my priority today.

Last night I worked on the 2nd class for SOS and feel like I've made some headway.  

I still have other writing work to do, and hopefully I can get to that this week.

My website should be done its make over by tomorrow.

So - little by little - things are getting done.  Not as quickly as I would like, in no small part due to my lack of energy and persistent brain fog.

OTOH, I do already have the next warp prepped, and as soon as the current warp comes off, the next one is in the pipeline.  As soon as the towels are in the washing machine, I'll set up to begin beaming and with a little luck, might even get it all beamed this afternoon.

Well, that's my plan.  Let's see if I can manage it...

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