Thursday, July 4, 2024

14 years


This morning Facebook showed me this photo from 14 years ago.

(my gawd have I really been on Facebook for *14* years????)

As I looked at the photo I thought, hmm, I think I still have some of those towels in inventory.


Doug suggested that if I do, I should add them to my current BOGO sale, but I've already got plenty of inventory on sale and to add more would become cumbersome.  So I told him, maybe for the December BOGO sale.

By then the autumn sales events would have happened and who knows, maybe some of them will sell during one of those.

Today is a 'light duty' day.  I have massage and usually feel like I've been run over by a truck afterwards.  When you go for therapeutic massage, it is NOT like having a spa massage.  At all.  Not one bit.  But it is necessary to keep this body from breaking down completely, so I go and hope that things will continue to get better.  Or, at least, not worse.

As a young(er) weaver, I saw an interview about massage and a patient on the table who was asked about why she went for massage.  "I'm a weaver" she said, which caused my head to whip around to pay more attention.  She explained that weaving was very physical and massage helped to keep her functioning in a way that allowed her to keep weaving.

It wasn't much later that I found myself on the table, beginning a decades long practice of getting a regular massage.  I credit my continuing ability to weave partially on doing this kind of personal maintenance.

So, today I will go for massage, pick up a book at the library I put on 'hold', then come home and finish sleying the current warp, then press the towels I wet finished two days ago.  Because yesterday got derailed and I ran out of time and spoons to tackle the pressing.  I don't like to leave damp towels in the bin for more than two days, though, so it works out well that I have massage today and try not to weave right away after that.

The weather forecast says hot weather (for us) is coming.  I'm glad we have a/c.  Not everyone this far north does.  But I needed it in order to keep weaving during the summer, so we installed it then and benefit from it now.  Even though I'm no longer weaving like I used to do.  With climate change, increasingly causing massive wildfires and the smoke pall (of which we have had little so far this year, thankfully) we keep the house closed up and stay comfortable during the hot - and cold.

I am currently reading The Pain Project by Kara Stanley and Simon Paradis.  For anyone dealing with chronic pain, there is a lot of information about what pain is, how it gets treated, and ways to manage it.  And lots to think about.  It is well written.  I'm finding it helpful, although mostly it is cementing my belief that I needed to get off the opioid.  The new medication (*not* an opioid) I'm taking *appears* to be helping.  I'll know more as time goes by.  I'm told that it takes two weeks to fully kick in and I'm at day 8.  Fingers crossed.

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