Sunday, July 7, 2024

New Addition


While these towels are not actually hemmed - yet - they could be!  So I've added this design to my ko-fi shop and the BOGO sale, which ends at midnight July 9, 2024 Pacific Time Zone.

Yesterday I worked on one of the articles and am just about ready to send the text to my alpha reader for her eagle eye spotting typos and/or grammatical errors.

In the meantime I've also made a start on the new warp to use up what is left of the mystery yarn.

I have also made a decision on which colours to use for the warp after the current one, and there are two drafts to choose from to weave.  I'm sure I'll play around with them some more, but at least I'm on my way.

We are heading into a week of 'hot' (for us) temps.  I have two appointments to go to, but otherwise I intend to stay in as much as possible.  I'd really like to finish the current warp off this week and get back to working with the fine linen.  This interlude has been nice, especially since I will have used up both of those ginormous cones of 'mystery' yarn.  I may even use up some of the cottolin lurking in the shadows.  It depends on when the mystery yarn actually runs out.

And, as soon as I'm done with the first article, I will need to deal with the second one.  The October deadline will 'loom' soon enough.  Besides, I'd like to clear all the clutter away - all the books I've pulled from my library, all the samples I've woven, and of course the actual experimentation that still needs to be done, which includes clearly identifying the samples.

But for now, I am going to go weave, and think about all that other stuff later.


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Anonymous said...

Birthday greetings to you, hope your day is happy and blessed.
Thanks for all your anonymous help on weaving.