Monday, July 8, 2024



Last Monday I cut the beige/brown warp off the loom, then spent the next couple of days beaming, threading, sleying and tying on this warp.  It's now Monday again and 5 towels are woven, with about 13 or 14 left to do.  (I also worked on the articles I'm researching/experimenting/writing.)

Each warp does around 18-20 towels, depending on how long each towel is woven.

At the rate of two towels per day (on 'good' days) that means another 7-8 days of weaving until this warp is complete.  (Finer yarns take longer to weave.)

I don't get 'bored' with weaving.  I know a lot of people can't stand to weave more than 1 or possibly 2 things identically.  They don't usually put 20+ yards of warp on their looms, and that's perfectly ok.  We each weave for our own reasons, and mine are not appropriate for someone else.

The more I read of the Pain Project, the more convinced I became that finding a way to keep weaving was important for my body in more ways than I had fully realized.  And I am once again aware and appreciative of how my current health 'team' have rallied behind me in order to help me keep weaving.

While I don't get 'bored' weaving, I do get 'tired', so the current warp was a pleasant switch before I went back to warps that are more muted in colour.  Not that I don't like pale hues, just that sometimes I like to see things a bit brighter.  Something a little bit 'different'.

So for the up-coming towel warps, I did something a bit different.  I ordered four different colours all very close in value.  As I weave each warp, I will change the combinations.

For the first warp I've chosen grey and green.  The next will be two values of blue.   And then I will start switching the combinations.  Pale grey and pale blue.  Green and blue.  And so on.  By keeping the hues very close in value and mixing them 1:1, the warp will have slight variations and will be more 'interesting' visually than a solid colour warp.

I have enough of the white linen to weave at least 5 warps, quite possibly 6.  Once the linen is used up, I will look at what other yarns I have on hand and continue the efforts to reduce my stash.

On the current warp the rest of the white 'mystery' yarn will weave about half of the warp, maybe a bit more.  Then I will work on some cottolin I have on hand and whatever warp is left will likely get woven with the Brassard natural coloured hemp.

I am no longer weaving like the hare, but the tortoise can still get stuff done.  

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