Monday, July 1, 2024

Thinking Ahead


Not a great image, but Fiberworks can only do so much in terms of showing the weave structure, especially when it has to be 'reduced' so much.

The motif is 1/3rd the width of the warp, at 36 epi.  This cut/paste image shows the selvedge and one repeat.

It is based on the snail's trails and cat's paws motif, which is usually woven in overshot, but can also be done in block twills.

Here I've interpreted it as point twill repeats.  At 36 epi, the tie up needs to have some plain weave in it, so the motif is not as clear cut as with twill blocks, but nonetheless, I think I'm going to use this for the warp after I'm done with the 'mystery' yarn.  I may play with the tie up some, try placing the plain weave in some other part of the tie up sequence, but that remains to be seen if it will improve anything much.

The warp and weft will be close in value, so whatever I decide to do, it will be on the subtle end of the range of things possible, so I'm not too bothered about having the motif not stand out.  

The tie up is not 'balanced' - iow, one side of the cloth will show more warp, the other more weft.  This is referred to as warp emphasis or weft emphasis.  I like doing this because it can give the two sides of the cloth quite different appearances.

My Birthday Bash sale went live yesterday.  It was ready, there wasn't much point in waiting.  Orders will begin being shipped tomorrow because today is a national holiday and the post office is closed.  I will attempt to keep the inventory numbers updated on the ko-fi website, but if something sells out and someone else wants to buy the item, I will let them know what is left and arrange a substitution.

There seems to be some confusion about how the sale works.  

You order one towel - I will ship two.  Buy one, get two for the price of one.  

Thank you to those who have ordered already.  


buntsocke said...

Hi! I live in Germany and would love to look at the postage for ordering a towel. I think all the towels are very beautiful, could you maybe allow shipping to Germany? I love reading all your writing on here. Thank you very much!

Laura Fry said...

Hi, if you make a 'donation' of $40 Cdn, and let me know your mailing address, I will mail to Germany. For the purposes of this sale, shipping is included to place outside of Canada and the US. I just didn't want to make that change to all my listings. You can leave a message for me on the ko-fi site, or email me your mailing address laura at laurafry dot com