Monday, March 30, 2009

All Squared Away

Here are the square cloths draped over the back of my sofa. The two on the outsides have the linen/rayon boucle for weft, the next two inside those on each side use the same ivory for weft as the majority of the warp, and the one in the middle is the cotton slub for weft.

The photo below is a bit of a close up.

The next step is to hem them, and then send photos to the client and see what he thinks. I have a woven sample of the one that is my personal favourite and which will let him see/feel the cloth. Whether it will meet his needs or not I won't know until I hear back. But in the meantime, I'm quite pleased with these.

The two that were woven in the block design are seconds and have already been sent to their new home. I may not pay my studio assistants very well, but they do get perks. (Or that should be 'perq' I suppose - short for perquisite.)

In the meantime the first student has come and chosen her yarn for the weekend and wound her warp. A lady after my own heart, she didn't even take off her coat before diving into the bucket of yarn! :D

And I started beaming a 40 yard warp for throws. I have an enormous amount of a high quality acrylic yarn that I have been knitting with, but knitting is way too slow to use up the quantities that I have so I'll do some throws. Nothing fancy, just a straight twill draw for structure and hems rather than fringes because I'm using up a bunch of black and dark blue 2/16 cotton for warp (using it doubled) at 20 epi. Such fine yarn would make a rather thready fringe so I'll use up some black 2/8 cotton doubled (to more closely match the thickness of the acrylic) for hems.

Karena cut apart and serged the tea towels from the aqua warp, and my wet finishing pile is now huge so I am going to try to work on getting the towels processed. That way the pile will be transferred to the love seat in the living room (tv watching job) rather than a pile threatening to topple over in the studio.

And like Janet in the Maritimes - enough already with the snow! It was a glorious day yesterday - brilliant sun, mild (for us) temps, and this morning we awoke to a snow storm. Sigh.

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