Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boise - City of Trees

In spite of being in an arid climate, Boise truly is a city of trees. And by the time I left Monday afternoon, many of them were beginning to burst into leaf.

The group was great and since we had three days for the workshop, it was a much more relaxed event than the two day version tends to be. I think nearly everyone wove on every loom, and with time to spare managed to weave a nice size for each sample.

Sunday we had time to let the samples dry until damp (using hair blowers) and Cece brought in a small electric cold mangle which speeded up the compression part of the wet finishing process considerably.

These little cold mangles are available from Becky's Vavstuga http://www.vavstuga.com/ and are well worth the cost if you are doing a lot of linen or any kind production. I'm thinking that when I can no longer afford to operate Puff that one of these little guys will be just the thing. :)

We cold mangled linen, silk, bamboo, and buffalo.

So now I'm home with my new computer ready to be hooked up, but still unpacking and sorting the show stuff out as well as my trip stuff. :} I may get to the rayon chenille scarf warp today, but the AVL may not get dressed until tomorrow. We'll see how the admin stuff goes....

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