Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sheer (shear?) Delight

Teresa sent me this link. I'd love to think the shepards and dogs did this all by themselves. :) Hope the link comes through okay. You may have to cut and paste. One of these days I'll have to figure out tiny url.

So here is the *last* of the turquoise warp using the singles 6 cotton for weft. The yarn has a fair degree of twist which has yet to be set, so the tendency is for the corners to curl as in the before picture above.

And here is the cloth after wet finishing. No more urgent tendency to curl except for right at the very outside of the cloth on the very tips of the corners, but nothing that hemming won't cure. ;)

These towels are proto-type number 4 in a new approach to weaving towels that I've been exploring.

They still aren't quite 'right', but I have a good idea of where I want to go with the idea for the next towel warp, which will be all singles 6 - both warp and weft.

Allan will ship my new cpu on the 24th so as soon as the loom is dressed, the new puter should be here and up and running. I've figured out how to copy my weaving files so I can get them onto the new cpu. And since the new little guy will have internet access, I can just email my weaving files to myself instead of copying them to a disc. :)

Doug is getting the van ready for loading, and I'm taking a break from packing boxes etc. Time shifting again - watching CSI: NY


Life Looms Large said...

Love your blog!

Here's how to link text to a URL in blogger....

If you're using the compose view or the edit HTML view, you can just select the text you want people to click on, select the link button in the same window (looks like a white pretzel with some green behind it), and type or paste the URL into the little window that pops up.

For fun, I'll do it by hand (just inserting the HTML) here....
Youtube Sheep Video so you can see how it works. I hope!

Hope this helps! (I'm not nearly as good at explaining things as you are!)


Sharon Schulze said...

That link was AMAZING! My brother is an artist who owns a border collie and I couldn't sent it to him fast enough. :-)

Are you interested in telling us more about the new way you are weaving towels?

I'm finishing up a backlog of little weaving projects I had started and needed to finish so I'm feeling the energy surge that comes when I get to do brand new things. Or just a brand new warp. :-)

Laura said...

I was fascinated by the sheep art and just had to share. Maybe I'll figure link stuff out once I'm home. :)

No, I'm still proto-typing, but getting close. Once I've got the bugs ironed out, then I will feel able to share. ;)


from snow-less Boise where it got to 71 F today - whoo-hee! Spring!