Friday, March 27, 2009

Changing My Mind

Well, after doing one square with the 2/8 cotton, I remembered the linen/rayon boucle and decided to do one with that.

The pattern is twill blocks in a point treadling progression, and I decided I liked it enough that I did both the ivory cotton and the boucle in the same treadling.

In the photo, the white rayon looks a bit stark. It's not quite so bright in real life. :)

The next square will be twill blocks again, but in a small and large block design. With 16 shafts I can weave 4 squares of 4 threads each. One of the blocks will be 1:3 twill for 4 threads, and 3:1 twill for 12 threads, then reverse. Right now I'm thinking of doing one each with the two other colours from the warp - one the sort of golden colour and the other the pale green. But we'll see. I may change my mind - again! ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They're both pretty, but I really really like the pattern on this one!

Looking forward to seeing the other versions as well.