Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Colours

Started beaming the warp last night after dinner, finishing it up this morning. Here it is nearly half threaded.
The warp is a mixture of various fine cottons, mostly 2/18, some 2/20, some even finer. It's 25 yards long, and should (she says, hopefully!) finally finish off the last of the extremely fine linen as weft. :D The good news is that almost all the very fine cottons are also used up in this warp. There really aren't enough spools left to do another warp, and some of the spools are down low enough that they will go directly into my bobbin lace box to be used up making lace.
The colours range from a pale blue, to a greyed blue, royal blue, a dark green and four shades of turquoise. I had to use a little bit of cream on the edges because so many of the spools were running out. Karena called them 'happy' colours this morning, and they do make me happy. Of course having the sun shine also makes me happy, in spite of the continuing cold.
Four of the beginning weavers want to carry on with a project, so we've set a date for early in April. They will use the painted rayon that arrived this week for a scarf warp and use Bambu 7 for weft. They will come individually to the studio to wind their warps prior to class, and then will dress the looms and weave their scarves at the guild room. The skeins are large enough that they can do a sample at the beginning and practice their shuttle throwing and check their weft colours before they begin their scarves. Unfortunately the fifth participant lives out of town and can't make it back for the next class.
I'm hoping to finish threading and sleying the fine cotton tonight so I can begin weaving tomorrow. :)

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Frida said...

It will be interesting to see what comes of this warp, the warp colours are great!