Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy Day

Today was my usual brunch and errand day with mom. Not too many errands, but we did go to the library and I got another big bag of books. Not sure why when I haven't been having much time to read the past few days. And with travel preparations needing to be done, doubt there will be much time for reading for the next while. :(

When I got home, the snow removal crew had been by and on a rather bitterly cold March day (-31 C - spring is supposed to be coming, soon, right?) they widened the streets and got rid of some of the ruts in the compact snow.

While this isn't a record year for snow accumulation by any means, I've been spoiled by being away to warmer climes not once, but twice so far this year, and I'd be just as happy if the March leonine winds arrived and started working their magic on the snow piles......

After having coffee with the neighbour and coming home to take my bp (which is spiking way too high - AGAIN! - I decided I needed some exercise and wove off the chenille scarf on Fanny.

I have several 'tapes' of various standard lengths that I use to track the length of my weaving. I had already woven one scarf yesterday, which can be seen on the cloth beam, and you can just see the cut line I've woven between the two scarves. (It probably shows up much better on the enlargement of the photo.) I cut between the two so that each scarf has several picks to help hold the fringe in place until the scarf can be fringe twisted. You can also see the fugitive picks at the beginning of the scarf which will be cut and pulled out as the fringe twisting is being done.

After dinner I finished sleying the warp on the AVL and started weaving. Here you can see the hem area and the first repeat or so. This photo has washed the colour out, so see a better representation of the colour in the photo below.

I've got less than a pound of the linen left so this 25 yard warp will definitely use that up. I will decide between the heavier natural (beige) linen singles and the natural single 6's cotton for weft once the linen is used up.

I'm seeing the doctor again tomorrow and I suspect I'm going to have to go back onto the Micardis, which I went off 2 weeks ago, or in some way tweak my medications. I've got a week until I leave for Boise, so if we make changes they have to be done tomorrow. :( I am not a happy camper my bp has gone wild again.................


WeaveZine said...

Dang. Sorry to hear your BP is acting up again.

Beautiful textiles, though!

Laura said...

Hi Syne,

I'm back on the Micardis and hoping that things will get back to usual (I won't say 'normal' because nothing seems to get me on target or close to 'normal' - yet!)

My allergies appear to be playing havoc with my bp so it seems more pills are required. :(

Ah well - we're all just bags of chemical soup anyway, so what's a few more?



Sharon Schulze said...

I had so much fun weaving Wall of Troy... is the threading for the warp in this post and the next one a 4 or 8 harness?

I did the Wall of Troy in overshot and I like how it turned out but I found myself getting bored and frustrated. It seems counter-intuitive but I don't seem go get as annoyed when I have one shuttle and can get a good rhythm going. Having to change shuttles every single pick just seems like constant interruption.

OH! Maybe THAT'S why I don't like it! My workday is nothing but interruptions so when I weave I want relief from that and to be able to get going on something without constant interruption. COOL! Thank you for giving me the space to figure that out, Laura. :-)

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

It's threaded over 16 shafts. :)

Yes, weaving with two shuttles it is more difficult to get a good rhythm, and therefore the zen doesn't come as readily. Weaving with two shuttles is also 3 times slower, not twice as slow, or at least it seems to me. :) One reason why I only use two shuttles if I absolutely have to.



Sharon Schulze said...

Figures! :-D

Of course, it's a diamond-type pattern and I do love my diamonds so perhaps I shall just return to my beloved and tried-and-true diamonds. :-)

Although Wall of Troy is kind a cool square looking pattern that has shades of diamonds. Maybe it can become my new favorite?

Laura said...

It's definitely one of mine. :)