Monday, March 2, 2009


On a chat group I belong to someone asked about weaving twill with plain weave selvedges.

Since you would need 6 shafts to do that, I suggested basketweave selveges and referred to a file I thought I had posted to my website. Unfortunately it seems to have evaporated into cyber-space, so I'm posting the draft here. :)


RuTemple said...

Thank you, Laura!

"Useful and Substantial" as an elder of my family, Great-Great-Aunt Selma, was known to have said in Approval. Further proof from the upper midwest, not that we needed any, that Garrison Keilor is not making it up.

Apropos of nothing much, it amuses me that my word verification reads "iscrust" - d'you suppose someone at Blogger knew I was thinking of baking this rainy day?

Laura said...

Hope your baking turns out well Ru - I am not enjoying our current weather which is much too warm given that it is going to get very cold again next week!



Dorothy said...

Hi Laura all the way from Scotland ! I have just tried out the basket weave selvedge as you suggested and it has worked really well.
At first I seemed to have a 'smile' at both sides and I kept fiddling, trying to correct it but eventually I just left it alone and it worked well !
Is it possible to use this basketweave edging on drafts other than twill ? In fact could I use it instead of a floating selvedge in any project ?
Are there times when you might make the basket weave edge any wider ?
I couldn't believe how much faster I could weave once I could forget about the edge ! My left is better than the right, not sure why, I am right handed !
Many thanks again