Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Next Towel Design

One of the challenges in photographing textiles is getting them in focus. This looked fine on the camera, but I suspect it's blurry. OTOH, the design is blurred anyway, so it's really hard to tell. :}

This is the same threading/treadling as the first design, but I've changed the tie up from twill blocks to the good old 1:3:1:3:2:2:3:1 twill tie up I like so much. Since there is so little of the fine linen left, I'm going to finish it off in this pattern. I think there's enough yarn left to do two more towels. And then it's history! Yay!

But I found another cone of natural yarn on my shelf, so now I'm thinking that instead of using either the singles beige linen or the singles 6 cotton that I'll use up this cone of mystery yarn. It's marked 30/5 and appears to be cotton. Not terribly tightly spun, so should make good towel weft.

Well, I hope to use up one more cone from my stash, regardless.

The good news is that after my usual chemical cocktail, plus the Micardis (which I took as soon as I got home from the doctor and pharmacy at 10:30) and 30 minutes of weaving, by bp was about as perfect as I can hope for. :) So once more we'll see how it goes. One thing I've learned is that my allergies play havoc with my bp, so I guess I am going to have to be resigned to chemical modifications.............


Peg in South Carolina said...

Yes, I find it very frustrating that a photo looks great through the camera lens but is blurry when you see it on the screen. The result is that I take tons of photos. That's the beauty of digital cameras!

Laura said...

Part of the challenge with the photos I take on the loom is the awkward angle I need to get into to take the photo. Not to mention the deep depth of field (which I haven't yet figured out how to adjust for). With this cloth, the multiple twill lines make the design 'vibrate', especially when seen enlarged. However, I think the over all pattern is visible. :)