Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rounding the Corner

I think I'm just about at the 3/4 mark on this warp and feel like I'm on the home stretch. :)

My goal is to finish the warp by Friday, although I've got some fun activities scheduled for later in the week, so it might not get done before the weekend. There are still two pounds (!) of the fine linen left. I have yet to decide whether the next warp will be 30 yards, or 40, just to make sure that the linen will actually get used all the way up this time!!!!

Wednesday is crafts drop-in day. I'll go in the morning but won't stay all day. One of the advantages of the drop-in is that they have lots of big tables and I've got a project where a large flat surface will be very helpful. If it turns out, I'll post pictures. ;)

And I'll bring my bobbin lace and fwip (technical term) a few bobbins and show off the new bookmark I started on Sunday.

On Friday I'll go visit Loralee and the kids and see how Asaph is doing on his placemats and Evangelina with her knitting. And have a good natter with Loralee.

Saturday and Sunday is the beginning weaving class, so I don't know how much else I'll get done over the weekend. There should be 3 students, perhaps 4. I'm going to change the format a little and wind the warps for them so that we can get a running start on dressing the looms on Saturday and they can finish weaving their samplers on Sunday early enough that we can wet finish them before the end of the class.

I've also started loading the boxes with yarn and stuff for the Fibres West festival March 20/21. I'll be in Boise, ID teaching Magic in the Water part II and Doug volunteered to do the show for me. A friend will help him in the booth. (Thanks, Yoriko!) But that means I have to be super organized and have everything labelled and priced. Doug will drop me at the airport on the 19th for my 6 am flight, and continue driving to Abbotsford in order to set up that evening. It's going to be a really, really long day for him.

I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed right now, but trying not to panic and just take one job at a time. ;)

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