Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bobbin Lace Tonight

Tonight is the local weaving guild meeting and I'll be doing the program on lace.

Bobbin lace is essentially weaving by building your loom as you go. This allows a great deal of flexibility because warps can turn into wefts, and vice versa. You can also tie knots and make twists because the threads are not pre-programmed to be warp only.

This bookmark is using up some of the bits of yarn left over from the current warp beamed onto the AVL. I managed to clear 3 spools of yarn that had much too little to even think about weaving with. :D

The majority of the threads are the paler of the the 2/18 turquoise, with the fans being woven with the darker shade.

All of the bobbins were made by my friend Jacqui Southworth (her husband Eric turns some of them while Jacqui decorates them) who lives near Blackpool in England, and who I visited with in Tampa, FL last month. It was great to actually see her and Eric in person, although our daily email contact keeps us in touch. One of the benefits of the internet - that we can stay in close contact with people who live far away.


Cynthia said...

Laura, I have been resisting bobbin lace for many years (too many projects underway already) but you are making it really hard!

Laura said...

Oh dear, apparently I'm responsible for recruiting Syne Mitchell, so you'd be in good company! :D