Friday, March 27, 2009

Special Order

From time to time I take special orders. This is one. The view is from the back so you can't see the colours very clearly, but the cloth hasn't come round far enough for me to get a good view of the front, yet.

This is a very special order because it is long distance. The customer saw my work at a show last Christmas, and contacted me and asked if I would do a square cloth for their house. I requested that they send paint chips of the colours they wanted in the fabric and some pictures so that I could get a feel for what they wanted.

The yarns were ordered based on the paint chips and I dressed the loom yesterday and started weaving today. There is enough warp for several square cloths and each will have a different weft. The one pictured is a natural cotton slub which will give a bit of texture. The others will likely be 2/8 cotton and will be much smoother in appearance.

When they are done I'll take photos of each and send them to the customer and see if any of them appeal.

I have also begun loading items for sale into my Art Fire store. Eventually I will have yarn, but for now I've begun with tea towels.

The good news today is that the new computer is all hooked up. It took a little fiddling around to get it running due to confusion about which cable needed to be plugged in where, but eventually it all worked.

I'm really happy to be weaving this fabric. For the past couple of years I've almost exclusively used hand shuttles and I was really wanting a break from that. This warp is wide enough at 38" that I can use the fly shuttles. Even better, I can use the industrial pirn winder and industrial fly shuttles.

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