Friday, March 6, 2009

Beginning Weaving Workshop

Well, I didn't finish the warp on the AVL, but I'm about as ready for the Beginning Weaving workshop tomorrow as I can be.

I'll bring my own warping board to demo on, but I've wound the warps for everyone. Once everyone is working on their own, I'll wind the next warp for the guild group project and demo for the class. That will be another 8 shaft Bronson Lace warp for placemats/table runners. This time I'll do the tie up for butterflies so that people will be able to weave something different. The threading is a simple point progression so people can change the tie up if they wish, but so far no one seems to have wanted to adventure that far. :)

Doug helped me get the guild room set up this morning. He did a little loom maintenance, tightening screws and nuts and bolts. Mostly we had to clear tables out of the way and move the looms from against the walls so that they could be set up and woven on. :)

I am also bringing extra lease sticks because the ones I prefer are wider and a bit thicker than the usual sticks, so I want to show people what I use and explain the difference and how they work better for my method of dressing the loom. I also tossed a few shuttles and bobbins in as the guild room appears to be lacking in these all too portable items. :( Plus I'm bringing my threading hooks. I only have four and am expecting five people, so we may have to juggle a bit. On the other hand, not everyone works at the same rate, so it may all work out.

I was only going to take 4 students, but suddenly got another student on Wed. Since I wasn't entirely sure all of the four registered would make it, decided to take a fifth person. The guild has 7 small looms, but one is being used and one appears to need some TLC, so five is the maximum.

Hopefully the weather will co-operate as one person is driving in from a small community a couple hours west of here.

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