Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eye Candy!

On a day like this........... (view from my front window at 3:30 pm - yes, that's snow!)

.....this arrived..........yum!

This is the first shipment of a rayon yarn (approx. a 2/5 cotton grist) I had Teresa dye to re-sell at the Fibres West Festival March 20/21.

Gosh but I don't want to sell it!!! OTOH, I know how to get more. :) We'll also have some at the HWSDA conference in Olds, Alberta May 21-24 and the ANWG conference in Teresa's booth in Spokane May 28-June 1.

Previously I had Teresa paint warps for me from this yarn for scarves and with a Tencel weft they turned out really nice. Now I can hardly wait to finish these fine, fine cotton/linen tea towels so I can do some new scarves. :D


Janet said...

Those are gorgeous! I'm envious of your Theresa! I love hand painted yarns and warps, I just don't love hand painting them...

Laura said...

I do acid dyeing, but not fibre reactive. Teresa is a professional with a proper dye studio. Makes so much more sense to have her do it than me struggling with inadequate space etc. :)

Hope your back is better today.