Saturday, September 24, 2022

Goat Trails


This was the state of my studio up until a few minutes ago.  Much of the rubble on the floor has been moved to the other end of the studio so that nearly everything is in one heap.

I've tagged everything so that I can - hopefully - find what I'm looking for when I begin setting up the filming studio at School of Sweet Georgia next Friday (and Saturday if I need that much time, which I may).

I'm juggling two completely different and separate topics, which will actually get filmed concurrently in order to minimize camera set up changes.  I'm really hoping my pain and chemically induced brain fog will have lifted by then.  Based on the last injection, it took 3 days for everything to clear my system and give me my brain - and executive functioning - back.  Fingers crossed for the same, this time.

In spite of a constant realization that this will be the 'last' time I do this, or that, my brain simply won't stop and I came up with an idea I am going to pitch while I'm down there.  I don't know if they will be interested, but I'll talk to them and see.

 I am trying to arrange my life to reduce stress and right now, travel is a huge part of the stress of doing these online classes.  

'If' is a really small word that encompasses universes, galaxies.  If wishes were horses, beggers would ride.  I took that admonition to heart as a child and so I have always worked, worked, worked to bring my goals, my dreams, into reality.

My goals and dreams are now much smaller, but it appears that in spite of brain fog, I still have them.  Even as the thought popped into my head, my conscious self said 'wait, WHAT?"  But where ever those dreams are born insisted I approach SOS and so I have collected documentation and samples and will ask.

But honestly?  I am tired of the stress.  The chaos.  The goat trails.  I am going to try and convince the dreaming part of my brain to be less - less ambitious, less enthusiastic, less, I don't know, driven?  Creative?

I have also decided on the direction I want to go with the 2/20 mercerized cotton I still have in my stash.  Given my eyesight and not being able to see that size of thread very well, I am going to invest in some 2/16 natural cotton and use it for warp, with the 2/20 mercerized cotton for weft.  The mat and shiny combination should look good.  And I can still see the 2/16 - at least more easily than the 2/20, so there is that.

I have already generated a draft based on that combination and just need to decide if I only order in natural white, or if I buy some blue to use up the bin of various blues, including the cones from Robin and Russ - you just *know* how old those are - likely nearing 40 years.  Long past time to use it up and being that old, I'm not inclined to try it as warp.

I'm going to take a break from sorting and packing and start threading the warp I just beamed yesterday.  Would be nice if it was at least begun so I didn't have to do it all when I came home.

But man, I am looking forward to getting rid of some stuff and making the goat trails wider, if not fewer.

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I understand completely!