Saturday, March 11, 2023

Lemons -> Lemonade


While we wait for word back from Louet (it's the weekend - Patience, Grasshopper!) I cannot sit idle, so I started making a list of things I *could* do.

One of the things that popped to my conscious mind was the marketing for the essay collection and then I started thinking about my other books.

Since the new year I've done a few guild Zoom presentations and as a result there have been more sales of Magic in the Water and a few of The Intentional Weaver.  When the essay collection (tentatively titled Stories from the Matrix) is published, it will join the other two books on

I'm up to 28 essays now, but with the loom not working I'm too distracted to think about writing more so I'm giving that project a rest for a few days while I sort out my feelings about being stymied about the lack of progress on the weaving front.

On the other hand, after sleeping we discussed some other tweaks that might help (and won't hurt and aren't needing the loom to be taken apart to do) and now I have to test the first one.  Following the principle of 'change one thing at a time to see which is the solution'.

The thing is I weave pretty much every day.  For the past year that means about 2 hours or so of weaving almost every day.  Since I was self-employed for over 40 years, every day was a potential 'work' day and that is now ingrained into me.  Weekend?  I weave.  Holiday?  I weave.  The only days I don't weave are if I'm too sick, have too many necessary appointments out of the house, or I'm travelling.

Speaking of which my appointment for the epidural injection got moved two weeks sooner, so now we are also scrambling to re-arrange the travel plans for April to two weeks from now, plus set up the trip to the coast for June when (hopefully) both of us will have minor medical procedures done.  There was a lot of hurry up and wait before we found out when his was and it just happens to be the same time my next jab (after this one) ought to be.  But of course co-ordinating two different medical specialists might prove to be a challenge.  

There are lots of things going on in this household and I have little stamina or spoons to keep juggling them all, and yesterday completely knocked me off my rails when my happy place became my unhappy place.  

I'm just finishing my coffee and will go down and begin pressing the towels that managed to get hemmed.  Once those are done I can select the next design for my ko-fi shop to post on Monday.  

Right now I'm treating this morning's 'tweak' like Schrodinger's cat - it's fixed until I try it and find out it isn't.  So I'm hesitating to test it in case it is not, in fact, fixed.  Instead I will focus on the pressing and then winding the warps for the next beginning weaving class.  That should take me through until Monday when we should hear back from Louet.  But at some point I will test the 'tweak' so we can tell them we have tried that and that it did - or did not - work.  

That's the thing with looms that have more mechanical assists - lots of things that can, and do, go 'wrong'.  

In the meantime, it's lemonade making time...

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Jane Eisenstein said...

I empathize. Last weekend, I was waiting for help with a bent solenoid push rod. Help reached my inbox early Monday morning. In the interim. I began putting a warp on another loom.