Friday, March 10, 2023



Today is a good day to remember this statement.

The Megado is 'down'.  I got about halfway through a towel yesterday when the dobby started behaving badly.  I tried to keep going but it was pointless.  It was late enough in the day that I couldn't bear trying to fix it, so we left it to this morning and with Doug observing while I tried to (and failed) to weave, he suggested a minor adjustment.  Once that was done, it looked like that might have fixed it.

Should have known better because the fix was 'too easy'.  Within a couple inches of weaving the faults had begun all over again. and rather than start trying to address the symptoms, I wanted to talk to Louet.

Doug couldn't get through on the 800 number on the website, so I phoned Jane Stafford Textiles to buy the pegs we *thought* we would need to fix the problem and the staff person was able to give us an email address to contact Dave for support.

I ordered the pegs, just in case, but they can't mail them until next week, so it looks like I will be unable to make progress on this warp for some days.

It's annoying, but the thing is, more mechanized looms have more ways to go 'wrong' and when they DO go 'wrong' the fix may not be obvious.

So.  Here I am.  Not happy.  Stymied.

I've even tried to think of more essays to write, but I wrote one this morning and I'm tired and frustrated and the words are not coming, so obviously I need to not be writing just now.

There are other things I could do, but like I said, I'm tired and disheartened.  Not to forget to mention highly distractable, so I don't want to do anything that requires concentration.  I also have a sinus headache (so, SO, tired of winter and low relative humidity).  However, we did get news on a personal front.  It requires another trip to the coast but it looks like we can twin that trip with another epidural jab for me, so there is that.  

I am trying really hard to get myself back on the rails instead of feeling DE-railed.  Mostly I've been sitting in the recliner scrolling through the 'net.  And now the afternoon is nearly over so it seems pointless to even try to do something with what is left in the day.  Perhaps a Benedryl will help with the sinus headache, especially if I go lay down for a while and try to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I cannot. 


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