Sunday, March 5, 2023

Tiny Steps


This morning I wove the last tea towel on the warp, cut it off and then had lunch.  After lunch it was time to strip the old warp off the warp beam and set to beaming the next.

As I filled the sections I started wondering if I really was going to have enough yarn left for one more warp, so at one point I stopped, grabbed some scrap paper and did the math.  And it looks like I should be able to do one more warp so now I know what I will be doing for the next month - weaving more teal/turquoise tea towels.

I also went through my bins of 2/20 mercerized yarn and realized I had a lot more of that highly twisted Astra white - as in more than 3 cones!  Since I don't really want to use it on the white 2/16 cotton, I am going to see how much of it can be used on the next two warps.  But!  I also have that gold to use up and there has to be at least a pound of it, too.  Maybe more.  I will weigh them tomorrow.  I don't mind using the gold on the white warp, though so I'm not going to be too bothered if the white takes up most of the next two warps.  The goal here is, after all, to reduce my stash!

After I took the picture I decided I had a few more spoons, so I started threading and got about 1/4 of the way through the draft.  The rest should go fairly quickly tomorrow.  It's a pretty simple threading, all in all, and it is fairly easy to follow the draft.  Of course this confidence could be hubris if I later find I've made threading errors!

It is still new enough into March to feel like progress is happening - new month, new warp.  With any luck at all, I might even get the other warp woven, although that is likely wishful thinking.

In the meantime my hemming pile grew by 14 more towels with another 6 that just came off the loom this morning.  They will get wet finished with the first batch that comes off the new warp, because I will use the same weft - the gold.

Tomorrow begins a new week, and I need to think about another towel to post to my ko-fi shop.  I sold some towels last week, which was great because my yarn order came in on Thursday.  Even though I'm no longer in business, I try to reserve my weaving income and use it to pay for my materials and other expenses (shipping, padded envelopes, hang tags, etc.)

Just to put the cherry on top, I managed another essay even though I couldn't think of a topic. But when I got up to get dressed and go to the loom my subconscious tapped me on the shoulder and said 'you should write about *this*'.  So I sat down and wrote about 'that'...


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