Thursday, December 7, 2023

Holiday Gift Giving


The sale in the guild room appears to be going well.  Most of my 'discounted' stuff has been sold so I am delivering more again today, in preparation for the coming weekend.

We still have little to no snow, although we woke to a 'winter wonderland' with all the trees coated with hoar frost.  We may yet have a brown Christmas, though.

Yesterday I beamed the next warp in the never ending series of the new and yet officially unnamed weave structure.  As I work through various ways to design with it, I'm thinking shifted twill blocks comes closest to describing what is happening with it.

So far I've kept a 'twill' progression, although I'm thinking that just like with actual twills, it should be possible to break the progression.  Haven't felt quite ready to try that, yet.  Still way too many options working with the twill 'lines'.

But, and here's the celebratory thing - the mercerized cotton is officially 'too little to weave with' and the tag ends of the tubes/cones have been binned (as in stored in a bin) and moved to the bobbin lace stash.

I'm still mostly working on jigsaw puzzles in the evening.  One of these nights I may feel tired of it and consider what to work on 'next' - there is, after all, the spinning stash as well as the bobbin lace stash.  And, if I ever get to it, shawls to make, which means fringe twisting to do. 

But I'm not there, yet.  Instead when I do feel like handwork, there is that stack of never ending tea towels that wants hemming.

I do pick at the pile, now and then, usually when there is a tv show that needs 'watching' not just glancing at now and then.  So I sit and hem, with no particular sense of urgency.  Because I still have beaucoup des towels, not just in my ko-fi shop, but sitting on my shelves in the storage area.  If I can get decent photos of the dark blue warps, there may be more posted there in the new year.

In the meantime, I still have one more warp of the dark blue with merc. cotton to wet finish - hopefully today or tomorrow.  2/3s of the warp still needs to be inspected and repaired before that warp can go into the washer/dryer.

And the warp just beamed is *also* dark blue, but at 32 epi instead of 36.  The weft for that warp will be the tag ends of natural white 2/16 that I stripped off the pirns before they were delivered to the new owner of the pirn winder.  She had no use for the yarn, and I did, so I used the Silver Needles cone winder and wound the yarn left on each pirn to a cone.  Enough yarn to weave, oh, 10 towels?  Well worth 'saving'.  After clearing off those 20 or so cones, the rest of the warp will be woven with the tag ends of the tubes from the white warps I did over the past year.  The tubes are empty enough they can go into the shuttle as a 'bobbin'.  Win-win.

So, just in case you are looking for handwoven towels, let me remind you of my ko-fi shop

And my books, available at blurb

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