Monday, July 9, 2018

Another Trip Round the Sun.

Celebrating another trip round the sun by...dressing the loom again.  :)

As I have been reflective about my weaving, I have also been reflective about my life. 

Over the years I have made mistakes - and hopefully learned from them.

I have tried my darndest to think about the end result of decisions that I make - both in weaving and in life.  Sometimes I'm right.  Sometimes I'm not.

With each journey around the sun it becomes more and more apparent that our time here on this orb is limited.  I don't really want to spend whatever time I have left on doing things that don't - in some way - enrich me and others.  And by that I'm not just talking about money, but on a more personal level.

I like to surround myself with people who are positive, who see a problem and immediately move to try and fix it.  I want to have people around me who can laugh and see the silliness of the things we do.  Who look for silver linings.

Not to say I don't sometimes fall into a funk - but the people in my life generally allow me my funk while not allowing me to wallow in it.  They remind me of the rainbows that come along with the silver linings hidden amidst the clouds.

Over the past few months my health issues have been a daily challenge.  Right now most of my problems are a matter of comfort, nothing dire.  But with an aging body, comfort becomes much more important.

A little while ago I made the decision to stop accepting guild workshop/program dates.  Today I had to review that decision and then send an email saying 'no'. 

But it was good to reflect on that decision, review the reasons why I'd made it, and find that all of those reasons were still valid.

That doesn't mean that I won't change my mind in the future.  But I'm no spring chicken anymore.  My energy is limited and I need to be a lot more cautious in 'spending' what energy I have.  It takes me longer to recover from stress - and traveling to teach is nothing if not stressful.

Right now I have three major 'projects' I am working on - The Book, The Conference, The Craft Fair Season.

Regarding The Book - I hired a book editor to help me 'birth' the thing, plus I asked some of my friends if they would contribute book projects.  Both of these things have made it possible for me to stay on the goal of getting the book finished - hopefully by the end of the year.

Regarding The Conference - I have a small but dedicated group here working hard on getting the details sorted.  We meet with the Civic Centre again tomorrow.  I believe we have a small but excellent group of instructors booked and a venue that is user friendly - all within a very small geographical footprint.

Regarding The Craft Fair Season - this year we will do just three shows, this time with a gap between show #2 and 3, which will give me time to rest and recover before heading off to Calgary and Art Market.

As for the Olds program, I'm hoping the homework from the four classes I taught this year will start showing up by January.  By then the conference should be mostly dealt with and registration - scheduled to begin sometime in January - should flow smoothly through the hosting web site.  With so much conference preparation able to be done via the internet, I'm hoping that the administrivia will be minimal.  In any case, I've got a volunteer who will help with the organization of the information and mind the registration booth.

No one knows how long they have here.  I believe that we should make the most of the time we have.  Focus on what brings us joy and eliminate what doesn't.

I still want to teach, but today I confirmed once again that I would rather focus on teaching the Olds curriculum because it most closely aligns with what I feel is important for people to know.  And why I am once again trying to set what I know down in the format of a book. 


Peg Cherre said...

Learning to say 'no' is a particular challenge for women, as we were raised to say 'yes.' I decided MANY years ago to be clear with women I asked for something that they could feel free to say 'no' with no guilt or misgivings. Wish I could always follow that myself. :-)

I do try to only (or at least primarily) do things that I like, that make me happy, that improve my life or the life of my family/community/world. Again, doesn't always work, but I am conscious of it, at least.

Laura Fry said...

Part of my 'problem' is that I was always needing more income that I felt I could not say no to teaching opportunities. So I would say yes, then spend days (sometimes weeks) trying to drum up other guilds/dates to make a tour so that several guilds shared my travel expenses. Life has changed and I no longer need to scramble every month to scrape up an income to cover the bills. Saying 'no' is now much easier. :) Not to mention I'm 68. I know people who have been retired since they were 55. It's ok if I start to ease back on my work commitments!

Louisa said...

Happy Birthday, my dear! You are totally allowed to choose how to spend the rest of your life. I think your priorities are very well thought out so no need to second guess yourself. Hugs!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! I think you’re dealing with life’s softballs (and the occasional hardball) quite well! I admire you.

CallunaFarmStudios said...

Happy Birthday! We're both July 9 birthdays!
Thank you for sharing... As we all age the decision of where to spend our energy is important. Many never embrace it. Congratulations! Well done!