Friday, July 6, 2018

Change One Thing

I have been working on this series of table runners for a while now - with a large break in between due to my travel/teaching schedule.  I'm very happy to be making good progress on this warp, with three more waiting in the wings.

With something like a dozen different colourways, I will choose one to be a Book Project.

The warp is Brassard's 2/8 cotton for warp, with a cotton slub for weft.  This particular one is a cotton slub I inherited from my friend Lynn, so won't be used.  Instead I'll choose one with Brassard's cotton slub.  Because I'm trying to use yarns for the book that are (currently) readily available.

For this particular design I have set the warp at 24 ends per inch.  Previously I've done towels with exactly this same combination of yarns set at 20 epi.

Now which one is correct?

They both are.  Because I am aiming for two different qualities of cloth.  A towel needs to be more flexible and more absorbent.

A table runner needs to be sturdier, to lay flat and smooth, and perhaps even be less absorbent, therefore resisting spills a bit better than a less dense textile.

Change one thing - in this case the epi - and you get a different quality of cloth.

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