Friday, July 27, 2018

Over Thinking

Bronson Lace framed heart motif

With such a complex project, the tendency to over think takes on new and over whelming dimensions.

In my desire to share All The Things, I have tried to think of All The Things I want to share.  At some point, it is necessary to say...enough.

No one person will ever write The Definitive Book on weaving.  The craft is simply too large.  Others have done fantastic jobs of looking at the craft through a wide lens.  It was never my intention to write The Compleat Book of Weaving, just to share some of the tips and tricks that I've learned over the years.  I wanted to address the principles - the whys of things - which are too frequently not addressed in so many books.  (And yes, I have read a great deal of the literature available out there!)

I no longer buy 'beginning' type books so I can't say I have read every single book currently available.  But I do teach a lot.  I do participate in on line groups (less now than in previous years - one only has so much time/energy.)  I see a lot of people flailing around, trying to figure out why things are such a mess.  So difficult.

On this blog I have tried to explain that weaving does not have to be difficult.  Challenging, yes.  Fraught with tangles and messes?  No.

So, once again I am trying to cover All The Bases as I wrap up the samples for The Book.  And realizing that I do not have to be All The Things to All The People, All of the Time.

This week I made the decision that I do not have to have actual projects for All of the Things.  I can mine my extensive sample collections and just have photos of the weave structures.  Because at some point readers - if they are not already - will have to take the designing reins into their own hands.  Or not, as they choose.  But there are also lots of places to get instructions for actual projects. 

I do not have to do it all (even though I'm not because friends are contributing some of them).

And that is the taste of freedom from over thinking.

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