Thursday, February 25, 2021

Everything Changes


We have had a fairly mild winter this year, apart from the recent Polar Vortex that brought very cold temps to places, some of which don't normally get much cold and are ill prepared for it.

Last night we had a bit of a storm blow through, but the snow pack didn't increase much here.  However it brought enough to cover the dirt and freshen the view out my window.

I do miss the colder winters we had 'before'.  The temps might have been crisp, but they came with clear blue skies and brilliant sun.  These seemingly never ending grey days get depressing.  Especially when we are staying home as much as possible.

On the other hand, the hours of daylight increase daily and there is an intimation of spring.  Still lots of winter left in the season, though.

Yesterday I cut the warp off the Megado and ran the 8 towels through the washer/dryer.  First order of the day will be to press them and set them out to finish drying.  Then I'll set up the spool rack and start beaming the next warp.  Who knows, I might get it done yet today.

But it is also tax season and I need to go through my papers and get them ready to go to the accountant.  And one more year will be done and dusted.

We talked this morning about how complex this year will be for people trying to figure out the taxable benefits the federal government has provided.  And other tax issues.  I am grateful that I can afford to have an accountant deal with these things.  For us nothing has changed much since we only really have our state pensions.  But we are doing ok.  For the time being we have 'enough'.  It is one of the biggest changes in my life, closing my business...I no longer scramble to get enough income to cover the costs of running said business.  It has been such a load off my mind.  Small business owners have been kept scrambling, trying to figure out how to survive, financially.

With the arrival of vaccines, things should begin to ease somewhat, I hope.  We are already seeing the effect of getting the most compromised vaccinated insofar as death rates seem to be reducing.  But vaccines all by themselves are not 100%.  For myself, with a compromised immune system, I've been told that the vaccine will help, but not as much as if I were 'healthy'.  So I will continue to isolate and wear a mask when I go out.  

I'm looking forward to spring and ice free streets.  I would like to get back to walking again.  After so many months of therapy, I am finally beginning to see some improvement in my physical fitness.  But when I walk, especially during pollen season, I will most likely wear a mask.  Not because of covid, but because I'm allergic to environmental things like dust and pollen.

Life is a constant reconsidering, reflecting, reassessing circumstances and changing behaviour, I find.

Change one thing and everything can change.

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Juli S said...

with allergies, you might find the book Breath, by James Nestor, interesting. I am sleeping through the night for the first time in many years.