Monday, April 5, 2021



This morning we seem to have achieved a version of 'spring'  - the sun is shining and a wee rainbow came to visit me.

There are times when things are difficult and life sucks and we forget that we don't have to ignore the good things that still exist.  With so much pain and sorrow in the world it seems somehow frivolous to have a moment of peace and contentment.

But Life isn't always just one thing or the other.  It comes to us with all of the flavours, all of the subtleties, all of the nuances that exist, and even when bad things are happening, there can also be good things.

Right now things seem enormously awful in so many ways.  As an individual, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, not knowing how I can help.  How I can change things for the better.  How I can find enjoyment, contentment, when I know so many others are grieving, hurting.  I know the numbers, and find myself becoming numb.

And then I am reminded that things change.  Winter departs.  Spring arrives.  The sun will shine.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually, we will have a nice sunny day and a rainbow will be splashed across my floor and wall.

I send reminders of rainbows to any who needs them.

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Juli S said...

All I have been reading lately is research that says it is so important to notice the rainbows and how sunshine makes you feel, etc and take the time to enjoy the pleasure, if we are going to be able to build mental resilience. And you are doing just that! Good on you.