Friday, April 9, 2021



When I get stressed, I start to procrastinate.  When I procrastinate, everything I am stressing about seems to loom larger.  So then I wind up with increased stress and problems that simply get bigger and more difficult to deal with.  

And round I go.

Until I finally get a round tuit and start dealing with them.  Usually a deadline begins to loom and pressure builds to finally deal with the issue I have been trying to ignore.  Like an elephant in the room.  Lurking.  Hiding in plain sight, so to speak.

So yesterday I managed to finalize one elephant, and more or less resolve another that has been irritating me, and which should, with the arrival of a new part, get fixed next week.  

Just knowing that a solution is finally approaching, I feel like a huge roadblock has been lifted and I can now proceed along that line/road/path.

I also pressed the first 8 towels of the 'stone' towel warp, and wove two more.  One more today will use up the last of the black cotton flake, and I'll then begin using up the last of the forest green.  Neither of those two colours will use up the entire warp, so whatever is left will have a beige cotton flake weft.

And then I pulled another bin of yarn for yet another towel warp of this design/quality.  I don't know how much longer I will stick with this except for the fact there is still plenty of the cotton flake - I think I counted 6 two pound tubes of white.  A half a pound of flake weaves three towels so I could do the math and work out how many more towels those tubes could make - and probably will now that I am getting close to using it.  The next warp will use up the peach and beige flake, then start on the white.

There is a medium blue warp pulled which will use up the last of the blue flake, and then white.  The warp I pulled yesterday is pale blue/grey and will be woven with white flake.

I told Doug yesterday that in some ways I feel stuck in a rut, but since my goal is to use up my stash, and I am accomplishing that, it's a good rut.  And I can begin to see the end of it.

At some point I need to begin plying that oh so fine silk so that I can use it.  But I also have a whole lot of fine cashmere, so my first dip into the silk will be for warp and the cashmere for weft.  But I may not get to that for a while because I also have way too much rayon.  And not a whole lot of scarves, so I may spend part of the summer (once the towels are done) working on my rayon stash.  People have no idea how much play time there is in a fine yarn stash!

We woke to a fine dusting of snow this morning, but the weather app says +17C coming next week.  I am gearing up to begin walking.  I say it here so that I can't weasel out of doing it.  :D

Finished reading the latest Donna Leon book - Transient Desires, currently reading Exceptional Canadians by Peter Mansbridge.

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