Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Book Birthday


Today is December 1.  Tomorrow would have been my brother's 65th birthday.  When I had to choose a launch date for The Intentional Weaver, I decided to choose Dec. 2 in honour of my brother for more reasons than I care to share in this space, today.

The book was conceived at the behest of a student - a place where I could put as much of my knowledge as possible, all in one place, so to speak.  I've written about much of this in bits and pieces for years - magazine articles, answers to on line questions, blog posts (lots and lots of blog posts).  It is the book I didn't want to write, but felt needed to be done.

So in November 2018 I flew south to meet with my editor who also took care of the uploading of the file to, we went through it one more time with an even finer toothed comb, and she spent the better part of the day getting the file into a shape that the website could deal with and we hit 'send'.  3 years ago today.

I can hardly believe it was only just three years ago.

Since then I have continued to write this blog and address some of the questions I see on line.  And I am now waiting for the two classes we filmed in October to go live in January and February.  

The January class is The Intentional Weaver and illustrate many of the processes I documented in the book.  But of course the book has way more in it than could possibly fit into a 240 minute on line class.  So the team has indicated that they want to continue working with me and we will be exploring other options in the new year.

Since the pandemic appears to be reluctant to go away, travel continues to be an issue, teaching on line seems like a really good idea for me, especially with my current health issues.  On line is not ideal, but has grown such that it can be beneficial, at least for some.  A student can take an on line class and if they feel a rapport with the teacher, can look for opportunities to learn in person.

Speaking of which I have just received the documents from Olds College where I am booked to teach level one June 19-23, 2022.  Covid willing and the crick don't rise.

Both of my books are available via in print or PDF.  I am not discounting the price, but neither am I raising it in the face of rising costs.  

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