Friday, May 13, 2022



You'd think after this many years putting together something like a marketing package for a presentation to a guild would be dead easy.

And it will be, once I get over my lack of desire to do it.

I know, I know, it's necessary.  Be nice if everyone in the weaving world would already know who I am so that all the guild would have to do is say "Laura Fry will be doing a seminar" and all their guild members would rush to register.

But even my ego knows that isn't about to happen!

So I've been distracted with some other stuff and my promise to get the package of information to the guild got kind of buried under other obligations/deadlines and only late last night did I remember - oops, I promised to do something.

However, the dust has been clearing (a little) and just before bed I remembered.  But I had other things scheduled for today and frankly I ran out of spoons.  So, tomorrow then.  Top of the list, priority.

I did manage to do all the rest of the things on my to-be-done list today.  Not that the list these days is very long or extensive.  But I still only have a limited amount of spoons and weaving always comes first.

The tea towels I wet finished yesterday got pressed.  Three were seconds, to the degree that I cannot sell them.  So they will go to locals, willing to do the pressing and hemming.  And I don't have to pay postage to send them somewhere.

After lunch I tied on the warp, wound bobbins, and then wove a towel.  It looks fine, but the yarn isn't stretching quite as far as I expected.  So I'll only get two towels out of this first colour not three.  Not that that is a bad thing, given my goal of using up as much of my stash as I can.  Eyeballing another colour and I think I can finish off this section of the warp with that one, and then finish the last section with another colour.  And that brings down my 2/16 yarn stash considerably,.

The next warp is designed, I just need to tweak the treadling to make it long enough for a towel.  That won't take long when I get to that point, which is at least a week away.  

Sunday morning is the next Sunday Seminar and I really want to attend that one live.  It is Abby Franquemont and she will talk about the reconstruction of the burial textiles that was done.  Should be fascinating.  

And in the back of my mind the marketing materials for the guild presentation are percolating, simmering on the back burner.  I'll get to it.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Sunday for sure.  Along with the final draft of a short article for the School of Sweet Georgia.  

It's all good.  Even when I don't really wanna do it.  I know it needs to be done.  I just need a minute.  Or a day.  I'll get there.  Wish that damned button worked, though.

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