Monday, January 9, 2023

Counting Down


This very 'bad' photo is bad on a couple of counts - my ipad doesn't like to 'see' some colours, and the pink is more 'rose' than it is bubblegum pink.  Plus what I wanted to share was mostly in shadow and at an awkward angle to try and get a photo of the underside of the cloth, which is what will be the 'right' side.

I had hoped to finish off the rose weft, but tomorrow I have massage (early!) and then packing to do, so I doubt I'm going to get to the loom again before we leave.  Never mind, the loom is patient and will be waiting for me when I get back.

Since we are on a mission to avoid covid, we are bringing food with us (and can buy more if needed),  taking a kitchenette at the hotel, and we will be eating in the van on the way down/back, or in the hotel rooms for the short time we are away.

I have cancelled all plans for anything else I might have been tempted to do in face of the concerning news about the new covid variant, which is officially in Vancouver now and is highly contagious and evasive of the vaccines.  The bivalent *is* more protective than the older vaccines, and we both have a bivalent on board, but I'm still immune compromised and catching ANY version of covid will not go well with me.

And it would be ironic indeed to go all the way to Vancouver (about 500 miles by road, in the winter) to try and feel better, and then get exposed to the Kraken (XBB1.5 is the number, I think.)

I have far too many plans to risk getting sick with anything.  I have classes to teach, Zoom lectures to give, articles I want to write, people I would like to help.  Not to forget there are some students who may be expecting me to give their homework a grade sometime soon.

The PHO tells me to do my own risk assessment, that I don't need to wear a mask, doesn't give me the numbers of cases so I know how many people are potentially walking about breathing out a highly transmissible virus, so all I can do is be cautious - so we continue to wear a mask anytime we are away from home, don't go to public spaces where there are loads of people not wearing masks, and there is zero to no filtration.

Paranoid?  Perhaps.  But we have just had the holidays were people were gathering in large groups, laughing, eating, hugging and oh look, the wastewater signal indicates that cases are growing.

So, caution it is then.  So I can keep weaving.  Teaching.  Writing.  

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