Sunday, January 1, 2023

New Year, New Warp


Not the best picture as it of the end of the towel as the motif transitions to the hem, but so far?  I'm pleased.  

There are areas that I'm not entirely pleased with, but it may just be because it is still in the loom and the threads once they move and shift into their 'proper' position will clarify the design.

But I'm pleased enough that I can see where I want to go 'next'.  

And that's the thing with weaving - and life, for that matter.  Sometimes you have to go step by step, not look too far ahead, but keep your focus and attention on what that next step might be.  Could be.  Should be.

Weaving is an exercise is staying in the now.  It is labour intensive enough that it doesn't do to get too far ahead of oneself because you need to pay attention to the here and now.  Don't rush.  Don't worry.  Just think.  Carefully.  Slowly - at times.  Quickly change at others.

I believe there is a reason textiles have been used as a metaphor in the cultural language - there are so many ways we can look at the creation of textiles as a whole and see how to approach living.  Life.

Life is not made up of endless ah-HA moments, but multitudes of tiny sparks - of oh *this* is nice.  Then gentle nudges.  Tweaks.  Tiny steps in one direction, then another if I don't get results that please me.

There is an uncomfortable truth that we tend to ignore - life is precarious.  It is precious.  As I learn to stay in the here and now I am learning to savour the moments that bring me contentment.  Joy comes, now and again, but I find that I can foster a slow steady trickle of contentment.  And really, at this stage of my life?

That can be enough.

Best wishes to you and yours for the new calendar year.

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Jane McLellan said...

Good philosophy! All the best for 2023.