Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Begin As You Mean To Go On


Now that I have made the decision to write a book of essays, I had to think about when I needed to do that.  Because my energy wanes by the end of the day and when I have brain fog most of the time, I have to write when the fog is the lightest, not after a day of doing other things when my personal 'spoons' of energy have been depleted.

So I decided that I need to write in the mornings.  Which means I will be spending less time online and more time at the desktop pounding the keyboard.

But I have the title, the Introduction, and the first essay written.  (I have two more done previously that need to be re-written to fit the new approach.)

So far?  I think I'm on track for what I want to say and how I want to say it.

As I go along, the essays will become longer because I will be trying to examine the physics, mechanics and ergonomics of weaving and giving examples of how and why the only correct short answer to a weaving question is 'it depends'.

In order to 'master' the craft, the subtleties have to be grasped.  

Not that everyone needs to be a 'master' - just that there have to be enough people who actually understand the mechanics, the physics, the chemistry, in order to create good 'recipes' or 'kits' for others to follow (if that is the approach they want to take - and it is a perfectly fine approach!)

I have encountered far too many articles or projects where the writer/designer has given poor information in a way that confounds rather than illuminates.  IMHO, of course.

Can I do better?  I'm going to try.

This collection of essays is not targeted at the general weaving public, but at those who want to know the why as well as the how.

Big words, big claims!  Can I do it?  

Time will tell...

In the meantime, my two previous books are still available in either digital or print form from blurb.

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