Thursday, June 8, 2023

Still Not Perfect


Yesterday I started threading this design.  Thing is, I created it a couple of months ago and before double checking my thread count, I just started threading this exactly the way it shows.

When I got to the end of the draft, I had an inch and a bit 'left over' threads.  Oops.

Since I had been really careful during threading, a little voice inside my head said 'did you check you had the correct thread count before you started threading?  No.  No, you did not.  Check that before you start checking for threading errors.'

And I did.  And there was.

The draft had only 806 ends instead of the 856 I had beamed.  


Well, what matter does it make?  

Not a lot.  In the pantheon of Mistakes I Have Made, beaming more threads than I actually need for a draft is the least impactful.

I took the full inch worth of yarn and taped it back down to the beam.  The loose ones are now hanging from the warping valet in the ceiling and will get wound up onto a tube as the warp progresses.

And the towels will be about 1.5 inches narrower than intended.

Never mind.  They will still dry dishes.

So, no, I'm not going to get bent out of shape about 'wasting' that 'excess' yarn.  I'm not going to try and use it for the next warp because it got all twisted as I pulled it back and re-wrapped it on the beam.  And it's like 50 cents worth of yarn.  It will go straight into the recycle bin.

The yarn isn't 'precious' - it's 2/8 natural cotton and not expensive.  I may be tossing a couple of dollars worth of yarn, but I will be tossing it in the direction of a spinner who finds ways to upcycle my (and others) yarn into new yarn.

However, lesson learned.  When I design a threading and it sits for a few months, before I start threading I need to double check the thread count.  It's a rookie mistake and obviously one I needed to re-learn!

OTOH, there are elements in this draft I quite like and will be designing a new draft playing with some of them.  But not today.  Today I get to weave.  :)

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