Friday, June 21, 2013


Two seminars today and my voice is feeling strained so I am resting in my room catching up on Facebook (checking the updates on the disastrous flooding in Alberta and parts of BC) and so on.  It looks terrible and must be devastating to those who have, or are in danger of, losing homes.  :(

Not sure how Doug will get home as there are road closures in many places, although road crews are working hard to fix them.

Makes the sun here all the more welcome!

Had 25+ in each seminar and while people are getting tired, especially if they have also done a workshop, no one seemed in danger of falling asleep.  ;)

Tomorrow is looking at lace, and if my voice gives out entirely, it may be a short presentation.  Of course I did not bring throat lozenges, it not being winter, I didn't think I'd need them.   Should have known better!

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