Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stymied - Sort of...

My tight deadlines are not my suppliers' problem.

Sending the incorrect yarn, is.

Started winding a warp to drop off to the dyer next Tuesday (the plan is for 14 more warps for fill-in colourways) and got 8 out of 10 sections wound before I ran out of yarn.  Upon opening the box from Brassard, I found that they had sent entirely the wrong yarn.  A panicky email last night asking them if they can possibly get the yarn to me by Friday was answered first thing this morning, and they will ship today.  Now we are at the mercy of Canada Post....

I don't like leaving a partially wound warp on the warping board but in this case I really don't have any choice.  At 8" the warp is just way too narrow to consider a 'fudge' so it isn't worth my while to tie it off and have it dyed.  It won't 'fit' the rest of the production run closely enough.

So while I wait until noon when I can pick up the copies, I have been doing other things.  Like running back to Costco for a small tweak of my frames.  Dressing the loom with another warp.  Discussing with Doug what needs to be done over the next few days so that we can actually get the publication assembled and packed up, ready for the conference in Alberta next week.  Not to mention the orders mailed before we leave.

My suitcase is still empty, too, and if the yarn actually does arrive on Friday, I will have Friday night, Saturday night (because I'm hosting a Knit in Public day at the Railway Museum), Sunday morning and evening and whatever I can squeeze out of Monday, in between everything else that needs doing.

I'd love to take some time 'off' but as soon as I get home preparations for NEWS will be in high gear, not to mention the other two major projects slated for August.  Hoping to have more information that I can share by the time I get back from Bellingham.  :)

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