Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Not So Never-ending Stash

I knew I was beginning to run out of colours of the Bambu 12, but I had not realized just how low my inventory had gotten until I got to this warp (#10).  Fortunately I had more of the custom dyed 2/10 Tencel in the semi-solids, one of which was a very dark green with lots of blue in it.

After rummaging through the stash and adding up exactly what I did and did not have, I realized that I must urgently (as in today!) place an order for more Bambu 12.  In the meantime I've dug out all the 2/10 Tencel that is left and will try to choose warps on which those yarns will work as weft.  I can't afford to not be weaving, even though my pace will be somewhat slower as I continue to tackle the text for AGY:L&H.

It's not a bad thing, this having to improvise on the planned colour ways.  It forces me to try colours I might not have tried if there had been something more obviously good for weft close to hand.  It forces me to take small creative risks.  Even if the results are not to my tastes (as some of them have not been, in the past) it is quite amazing because almost always someone will come along and fall madly in love with the very thing that I think is a 'failure'.

Off to check the Silk City website and see if they list the available colours for Bambu 12.  One of my favourite colours is not on the colour cards so I'm hoping I just can't find that card, not that it's been discontinued....

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