Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thought Squirrels

Once again the camera can't capture the subtleties of the colours in the warp.  You'll just have to try to see them in person?  :)  Click on the photo to biggify....

When things are going smoothly and only surface attention is required for the actual weaving the thought squirrels sometimes start chasing themselves around in my head.

This morning's squirrel had to do with DVD's, teaching 'remotely', and the various efforts I have made to satisfy the desire to learn when people can't attend workshops for one reason or another.

To that end I produced (with the help of my web guru) a CD with text, numerous photos and embedded video clips showing the action where I thought it necessary for people to really understand the motions.

It took a great deal of effort to keep the CD format up to date with computer technology PLUS people kept getting confused, thinking that what I'd done was a DVD.

Eventually it just became too much and I discontinued production of CDWeaver, loading most of the clips produced for the CD onto You Tube.

But the requests for a DVD keep coming.

Well, folks, I don't know how Victorian Video and/or Interweave choose their subjects.  I do know that there must be a dozen videos/DVD's with warping info on them.  Back-to-front, Front-to-back, Scandinavian style, North American style, tips and tricks galore.  There is no dearth of warping information.

Does the world really need a DVD from me?  If you think so, then I suggest contacting Interweave directly to let them know there is a market.  They won't go to the expense of producing yet another dressing-the-loom video/dvd if they don't think they can sell it....

Just finished Dancing with the Virgins by Stephen Booth and started The Perfect Ghost by Linda Barnes.  It's not one of her Boston based Carlotta Carlyle mysteries but I'm happy to see a new title from her after several years.


Sherri Coffey said...

Love the expression "thought squirrel." Is that like monkey brain?the weaving looks beautiful even if the colors are not like in person.

Laura Fry said...

Haven't heard the expression monkey brain but its probably similar. :)

Doug Fry said...

'Lost Your Squirrel'. A figure of speech from my childhood when you could hear your thoughts rattling around but you could not find them. Just like hearing a squirrel in a tree but are unable to see it. :-)