Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Armed Paper Hanger

Scrambling to get everything done that needs be done before I leave.  I'm pleased that I have managed to finish the last warp, dress the loom with the next (#16), wound 3 warps for painting (with only one slight oopsie) because the yarn did indeed arrive today.  Still have to finish packing my clothing and personal stuff but the big suitcase is already in the truck, Tom-Tom is programmed for the two stops, and I need to go continue warp winding.

'See' y'all when I get back!

Currently reading Black Dog by Stephen Booth


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Are you using "Sean" yet?

Laura Fry said...

No Sean. I *could* get a couple of "English" voices but I would have to download (and pay for?) them so I switched from the one I'd been using to a different one to see if I like it any better. :)

At least I have a better idea of how to make it work after my close personal relationship with 'Sean'! :D


Sandra Rude said...

Safe travels, and have fun!