Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mommee, It's Nearly Over!

My teaching materials are all packed up and loaded into the truck.  Another quick trip through the Marketplace, although I didn't buy anything else.  I truly am trying not to buy anything just because I fell in lust, er, love with it....

With a 'free' time slot this afternoon I also managed to get into the exhibit hall.  So often I am just too tightly booked with no time to do that.  So I really enjoyed the opportunity to get into the exhibits.  The fashion show garments were in the same gallery and having a handling piece meant I could satisfy my need to fondle, er, touch the textiles.

It has been great to sit and talk with other weavers and share out joy in creating textiles, see hand made textiles being worn and not have to explain why you have to be warped to weave!

But it is almost time to begin the journey homewards.  Back to the loom.  And my own bed!

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