Monday, June 10, 2013


So today has not been a great day, although not horrible.  Up at 6 am to make a 7:30 am dental appointment - I think my mouth may still be a little bit frozen in this photo?

Scrambling all day, final edits of AGY:  Linen and Hemp (contact me if you have not received an email with details of purchasing) - oops - forgot about shipping boxes, dash to the office supply place to order 50.  Over to Staples to drop files off.

Phone rings - new glasses are ready.  YES!  Back to Costco (had been there earlier to buy the binders) and am now a more serious, studious(?) moi...?  (Ever try taking a picture of yourself in the mirror?  Harder than you might think!)

Then the VISA bill - hope y'all enjoyed the blog pictures as much as I did taking and posting them.  I ran through my UK data package the first couple of days.  Think three figures.  :P~

Anyhoo - new glasses = new Rx = disorientation in the middle distance.  Y'know - the distance needed to throw and catch the shuttle?  So I haven't actually tackled the loom yet.  But I will.  Soon as I finish this blog post.  Because it's the only way to get used to the new eyes, after all.

And oh my, yes, I really am....63.  Or will be in four weeks....  Yay?


gpfrench said...

Oh my, so am I--- Hard to believe, isn't it. But you are busy and not bored! This is good. Weave on!

Laura Fry said...

1950 was a very good year! ;)

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I found that my new glasses don't work for the computer, so I keep my old Rx to use at the office. The new ones are OK at the loom, though. Pesky details, but necessary and good to get out of the way.

Dorothy said...

Oh my... expensive holiday pics, but I loved to see them!

Linda Watson said...

Congratulations on the 63 and the new glasses. I turned 63 two months ago and new glasses arrive in a week. Ah, sigh, the glories of age. ;)