Tuesday, June 4, 2013


scarf 41

Yesterday I talked about having to be flexible and go with my #2 choice of yarns.  Last night I rummaged through the dwindling supply (yay!) of 2/10 Tencel, some of it custom dyed, to select the weft for warp #11. This morning I started winding it onto bobbins directly from the skein and immediately noticed that it was much finer than I expected for 2/10.

After winding the first bobbin off, I compared the yarn to the rest of the 2/10 and my suspicions were confirmed.  It was much finer.  Probably 2/20.

Since I haven't ever ordered 2/20 dyed Tencel I can only assume the dyer got some skeins of the finer stuff and then, like me, didn't realize it.

I stopped and thought about it for a split second, then decided to go ahead and use it up.  The colour is 'right' for this warp and the next two - if the yarn lasts that long.  I'm low on Bambu 12.  I paid good money for the yarn (it *is* custom dyed, after all) and the fineness of the yarn means that scarves woven with this yarn will be more in keeping in terms of hand with those woven with the Bambu 12, which is approximately a 2/16 grist.

While I didn't anticipate that this run of scarves would wind up such an effective stash buster, why look a gift horse in the mouth?

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Marei said...

I just want to say I have loved every one of these scarves. So beautiful.

Laura Fry said...

Thanks Marei, it's been fun to have the blast of colour. But I'm going to have to get cracking on a warp on the AVL - that one will be white. ;)