Thursday, June 27, 2013

Face Book Philosophy

I joined Face Book at the urging of a friend so that I could see her photos.  Since then I have experienced the full Face Book gamut of political satire, cute kitty pictures, silly jokes and the occasional brilliant bit of philosophy.

This morning the above poster appeared.  I was going to just share it on Face Book, but did a bit of digging to see if I could locate the author.

Turns out she's Canadian (Vancouver) and sells the poster on Etsy.

Since I had a bit of money in my Paypal account, I went ahead and purchased the poster and asked permission to share it here on my blog.

If you want a copy of the poster for yourself, it can be found here

I'm thinking of displaying it in my booth as a part answer to the question "How long did it take to make (insert noun)."


Anonymous said...


Sandra Rude said...

I love it! I need a copy, too! See, FB sometimes gives you lemonade, not just plain old lemons.

Peg Cherre said...

I'd love the poster for my booth, too! But when I clicked on the link, I see one that's got too much color in it to read easily, while yours is very readable. Is there some option I'm missing?

Laura Fry said...

I couldn't find the one on my blog so bought the one with the red. Figured in the larger size of the poster it should read just fine.