Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scarf 57

Getting to this point of completion for A Good Yarn:  Linen and Hemp meant that progress on the painted warps stalled.  While I did manage to weave at least a little bit each day, I didn't have much energy left over, especially after the marathon assembly/shipping days.

Then I was busy all day Saturday with the World Wide Knit in Public Day (no photos - forgot about taking some) and today was Lace Day - where I actually made a little progress on my next bookmark.  Not enough woven yet to see, but I'll take a photo and post when there is.

However, after lace I did get to the loom and began Scarf #57:

This is the last of the blue/green warps and I'm hoping to complete it and leave the loom with the next warp set up ready to go so I can jump on the loom when I get back from Bellingham.

I will be picking up another dozen warps from the dyer on the way home and frankly, with my schedule the way it far...I don't have a moment to waste.  It could get a whole lot busier after my meeting with the project manager (if that's the correct term) in Bellingham next week.

It just now occurred to me that from the time I get home late Sunday June 23 until the time I leave on Monday July 8 is just - gasp - 14 days.

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