Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday Bash Special

Debi mentioned in a comment that she wasn't sure she liked the selling part.  Well, I don't much like it either but I learned a long time ago that until the product is sold, the job isn't finished.  Doesn't make a bit of difference if you are building the very best mousetrap in the universe if no one knows you're doing it or how to get to you to purchase it.

So I've learned to grit my teeth and do the marketing part of the job.

As part of that, from time to time I offer package specials.  With the holiday week coming up including three very important birthdays (well, I'm stretching the definition of week a bit!) I'm once again offering a very special deal.

July 1 through 7, purchase all three of the A Good Yarn titles - Cotton; Rayon; Linen and Hemp - and receive for free a flash drive with the pdf version of Magic in the Water.

Price for this package is $220.00 Canadian including shipping within North America and $250.00 Canadian outside of North America (with North America defined as Canada and the United States).

Since I'm leaving July 8 for Boston and NEWS, I am not extending the offer through my own birthday as I usually do.

Happy Birthday Canada, the United States

Payment may be sent via Paypal to laura at laurafry dot com or email me and I'll send an invoice, letting me know your location.  VISA/Mastercard charges will be billed in Canadian dollars and the exchange rate (if you are outside of Canada) done on your monthly statement.  Send your phone number and I can call you for your credit card number if you prefer that payment option.

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