Friday, June 28, 2013

Elephant on the Menu

box of warps

box of weft

next warp being beamed

It may have been Thomas Edison who is credited with the saying that creativity is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

I'm at that stage now where it is eat-the-elephant.  Once scarf, one warp, working up the perspiration in order to get as many of the painted warps woven as I possibly can before the end of August.  Because the job isn't done at the weaving part - they still have to be fringe twisted and wet finished, then trimmed and tagged before they are really and truly ready for sale.

But I have my box of weft yarns now and the dyer is going to try to dye some 2/16 rayon in colours that I can't get from Silk City so I'm keeping fingers crossed that the yarn isn't too tender and that it will wind off of the dye skein without breaking.

I have sort of lost count but I do believe that the warp going into the loom tonight is #18, that I have so far woven 68 scarves.  There are going to be 47 warps in all (if my count is accurate!) for a grand total of 188 scarves.

Now if they only sell....

And of course that isn't all that I need.  I'm out of place mats and low on tea towels.  But those can be done in September/October.  It's the scarves that really take up the most time in terms of finishing.  As far as the mats and towels go, I can even bring them with me and hem while on the road if I have to....

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Debi said...

I have one shawl off the loom that needs to be twizzled, wet finished and beaded. I have a scarf on the loom and I'm getting ready to weave. I just received 40/2 half bleached linen that I will either do napkins or bread cloths? Less hemming for bread cloths. I go on vacation in a week and then 3 weeks before school starts again! I need to work and get off the computer/iPad! I'm not sure I like this selling business?! One bite at a time!